South Shore – Puerto Vallarta

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Combine the boundless green jungle with the surf-splashed rocks of a coast interspersed with private coves, add a place to view the constantly changing palette of the bay, and you have the South Shore, where rugged, low-density residences, as well as villas and other homes, dot the coastline on the curving road toward Barra de Navidad. Visit here for information about real estate developments on the South Shore, and here for homes and condos in the MLS for the South Shore.

Many forms of adventure are abundant here, including mountain climbing, birding, scuba diving, snorkeling, whale watching, several canopy tours and any number of trips into the jungle and mountains by horse, all-terrain vehicle or even on foot. A rustic spa is hidden off the main road in nearby El Nogalito. Home to several hotels and time-share condominiums, the South Shore is nevertheless primarily residential.

This month, the list of pros and cons comes from homeowners in Sierra del Mar, one of the area’s exclusive residential enclaves in this area.

The South Shore was home to the Garza Blanca development, one of the first resorts so popular after Puerto Vallarta appeared on the international circuit and which is now back in a new, improved version offering beach and hillside condos and townhouses.

After the filming of “Night of the Iguana” in Mismaloya, the coast became de rigeur for jetsetters on boats and yachts, as the highway at the time presented a rugged trip. It still maintains that character due to the difficulty and expense of building, which requires an investment beyond the reach of many.

A growing number of low-density projects include some of the most exclusive properties on the entire coast, offering both homes and condominiums, available on the beach or the hillside. Numerous high-end low-density projects have entered the market for those looking for either investment or residential.

Residents attest to the tranquil life they enjoy on the South Shore. “It’s close to town, where we can eat at the best restaurants and do all our grocery shopping, but we come home and we’re off the beaten track and away from the noise.” Due to the terrain, not just any architect will consider this challenging coast where the construction below may out-price the visible structure. Homes are spectacular, taking full advantage of the views while respecting the views of neighbors, if there are any nearby. With the winding coastal highway so close to the shoreline, not many find footing on the edge, but there are some areas with homes just below the road. Up in the foothills, the growth of trees forms a frame and gives a reference point for this amazing world.


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