Puerto Vallarta Hotel Zone

(text provided courtesy of VirtualVallarta.com)

Real Estate opportunities within the Hotel Zone are mostly for condominiums available in the new towers that have most recently been built along this shoreline.

For native Vallartans, this area along Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio lined with majestic palm trees has marked the northern entrance to the city. The avenue was named after Governor Francisco Medina Ascencio, who extracted the promise to finish the road from his friend, President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz. The avenue later played an important role in welcoming President Nixon and President Díaz Ordaz to Puerto Vallarta in 1970. It was a time of great progress, in two short years providing a new international airport, a city-wide electrical system, a new port for ships and the completed road from Compostela in the northeast. Now, with several full-fledged developments, the Hotel Zone is rapidly becoming more residential.

The Hotel Zone may not be for everyone. Remember the adage “location, location, location” as you review the pros and cons below.

The Hotel Zone tends to be very active due to the location of the completely renovated Estadio Agustín Flores Contreras, complete with a running track, skate board park, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, an aerobics court, exercise machines, basketball courts and a number of organized activities for all ages. Several marathons are held throughout the year, primarily from the stadium to the Holiday Inn, while this year the triathlon ventured from the nH Krystal Vallarta across the Pitillal River. Speaking of the river, its banks are a traditional outdoor running path and are receiving an upgrade from the Fluvial Vallarta developers.

Fluvial Vallarta, located between Fco. Medina Ascencio and Fco. Villa streets, is one of the new developments within the area. Its three levels of residences offer an interesting range of possibilities, with complete urban infrastructure including commercial spaces.

The most popular real estate opportunities of late have been the tall condominium projects that have recently been built. They offer spectacular views of the bay and near accessibility to the airport, downtown Vallarta and nearby shopping centers.

Just a hop away are the quiet, settled residential areas of Las Gaviotas and Versalles, where a number of single-family dwellings offer space including actual yards, established trees and gardens.

As the Hotel Zone continues to develop, residency in the area is both more accessible and more appealing with so many conveniences at hand.


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