Nuevo Vallarta Real Estate

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As one of the fastest growing real estate regions in the state of Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta offers a wide variety of real estate and lifestyle options.

Nuevo Vallarta is located north of Vallarta, just after the airport and on the north side of the Ameca River, in the state of Nayarit.

Although this region is commonly known as Nuevo Vallarta, it actually consists of two major mega-developments called Nuevo Vallarta and another called “Flamingos”. Within both of the major developments are real estate sub-developments that offer a number of different types of real estate opportunities. And within Nuevo Vallarta, there are actually two “mini” mega-developments called Mayan Island and Paradise Village, that like small communities offering a wide range of real estate opportunities but also provide a number of activities for their owners and guests.

For those interested in real estate both Nuevo Vallarta and Flamingos offer plenty to choose from such as homes or condominiums located along the golf fairways, the marina canals or on the longest beach in Banderas Bay. Opportunities for timeshare and fractional ownership are also available.

For those who are active outdoors, there are a number of popular activities very well represented in Nuevo Vallarta. There are three 18-hole golf courses with Nuevo Vallarta and Flamingos: Mayan Palace, Paradise Village’s El Tigre and Flamingos. Sail into the bay and tie up right at your very own dock if you own the right property, whether at several condo developments or some of the private villas and homes along the inlet. If not, there a two marinas available with.

With some of the finest beaches along the Pacific coast, Nuevo Vallarta was designed to take advantage of the natural beauty of the coast, with lush growth, privacy and luxury prime among considerations. The Paradise Plaza shopping center is a comfortable mall housing a supermarket, a number of restaurants, shops, cyber cafes, banks, a health center and other businesses.

Residences in Nuevo Vallarta take advantage of the open spaces by venturing into a modern design not necessarily anchored to Mexican style or architecture. For some, that may be a drawback, but for those who prefer all the modern conveniences, properties rise into the sky along the coast and spread their wings as much as the large lots allow. Paradise Village continues to develop its overall concept, with hotel, condominiums, a marina, spa, golf course and a sports club and beach club. Besides condominiums and other luxury residences, consider any of the private homes, haciendas and villas that offer not only a living option, but also great rental possibilities as well. And its just not full ownership, Nuevo Vallarta probably offers more timeshare and fractional opportunities than any other region around the bay.

Along the beach there a numerous condominium ownership opportunities while along the three golf courses there are both home and condo opportunities. Prices tend to be mid’ to high range, although there really is something for everyone here.


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