North Shore – Riviera Nayarit

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The North Shore of Banderas Bay offer a wide variety of real estate opportunities from mid’ range beachfront condominiums to high-end, luxury homes and villas. There are three primary mega-developments, Punta Mita, Nahui and Costa Banderas, that offer a number real estate options include everything from fractional to luxury estate homes and homesites.

The North Shore (north shore of Banderas Bay) starts just past the town of La Cruz all the way out to the northerly point of the bay to Punta de Mita. Along this shoreline are a number of mega-developments and sub-developments such as Real del Mar, Nahui (which will eventually become a mega-development), Costa Banderas and Punta Mita.

The North Shore, provides security, safety and deluxe accommodations surrounded by the lush landscaped jungle growth particular to this semi-tropical area located on the north arm of Banderas Bay while the north side of the peninsula faces the Pacific Ocean. The center of the peninsula provides a slight rise from which to view the geography with a pre-Hispanic tribal ceremonial mound offering a view of the nearby Marieta Islands. These islands are a wildlife reserve to protect the many species of marine birds including the blue-footed booby. Diving and snorkeling are popular around the rocky islands which also protect prolific fishing waters.

A new highway, providing better access to the North Shore, was built in 2006, or at least the first phase of it. The second phase, which would move the highway from La Cruz to Destiladeras further inland, should begin development in 2010. This would make access even easier, and more safer, to this popular coastline.

Punta de Mita Real Estate

Punta Mita is a gated, residential mega-development consisting of 1,500-plus acres property that encompasses the northerly point of Banderas Bay. Featuring a luxurious beach club, the neighboring 19-hole Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course (yes, “19”, there are two #3 holes), is consistently voted as one of the best in the world by the Conde Nast publications. A second 18-hole course, also by Nicklaus, opened in 2009, and is called Bahia. There are two luxury hotels at Punta Mita, The Four Seasons and the St. Regis.The Four Seasons offers full-time Four Seasons Villas, with the services of the Four Seasons hotel, as well as offering a fractional component as well. Punta Mita actually surrounds the community of El Anclote, which offers primarily ocean view and oceanfront condominiums, as well as lower-priced residential homesites and homes in the village.

Costa Banderas Real Estate

Running from Punta de Mita to Destiladeras Beach, going towards La Cruz, is Costa Banderas. It consists of a number of smaller developments that offer oceanfront homes and condominiums.

Nahui Real Estate

The newest development along the North Shore is Nahui. Launched in late 2009, the initial first phase involves hillside homes and homesites and a timeshare development on the beach. Eventually Nahui will have an 18-hole golf course and a number sub-developments as well.


4 Responses to North Shore – Riviera Nayarit

  1. Just FYI, the map of the Costa Nayarit on your website shows Punta Mita in the wrong location, north of Litigu’. The correct name is Litibu, not the Fonatur development, but the real Litibu between Higuera Blanca and Mono Mountain where the Imanta Resort is. The Fonatur constructed project is actually located on the beach called Malinal, just north of the Punta Negra and Carreyeros beach. It would be help for agents and potential buyers to have accurate information from your publication.

    Thank you, John, for all you do in this area.

  2. Vickie Newkirk says:

    We have bought a week at the new Tau Resort. Just wondering if anyone has any news as to when it will open. Not getting a lot of information. Hope we did not make a big mistake.

    Thank you!

    • johnlifestyles says:

      Well, construction is slow, but consistent! Still looks like it is quite a ways from being ready for opening. This month they are supposed to start the new highway that will go by the resort and also make access much easier. That’s all I know at this time.

      • Vickie Newkirk says:

        Thank you for the information. I really hope this comes to completion. I will be lovely and we are looking forward to staying. Love the area and the people are wonderful.

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