Conchas Chinas and Amapas

Real estate in Conchas Chinas and Amapas was traditionally made up of larger homes built along the beach or the hillside, but most recently, condominiums have been what most of the development has consisted of, featuring spectacular views of the bay and Puerto Vallarta.

Some say the best view in all of Banderas Bayis from the hills of Conchas Chinas. Whether or not the hyperbole is accurate, the view is incredible. For many, that’s the primary reason for living in this exclusive zone just south of Vallarta’s South Side. But it’s not the only reason. A major consideration is always resale value, and Conchas Chinas has it in spades with some of the most expensive properties along the entire coast located here. In the following table of pros and cons, consider these comparisons.

The majority of people buying Conchas Chinas oceanfront properties are post-retirement. The home is usually not their primary residence, so it doubles as a family vacation spot and source of rental income. Rentals are very successful in this area, both on the beachfront and along the winding streets of nearby Amapas and the hills of Conchas Chinas. The larger villas and condominiums on the hills are very popular with group rentals, many returning year after year for their annual conventions or conferences.

Construction varies from the earlier period in the ‘50s and ‘60s to the newer residences of the current decade higher on the hill. An advantage is that it’s one of the more stable areas for withstanding earthquakes, as the homes are built on rock. It doesn’t get more solid than that. The Vallarta style is common, with large, open terraces facing the view, frequently with swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Although yards aren’t common, many have been built in or around the trees of the jungle, offering shade. Palapa roofs are popular as well, some of them quite expansive, offering protection for entertaining guests. Even though original wall colors were white, it’s becoming more popular to paint the adobe walls pastel colors such as peach, tangerine, yellow or nectar.

Early architects were pioneers in style and construction, such as Guillermo Wulff, associate of legendary director John Huston. Others are José Díaz, Oscar Montiel, Cachi Perez and Arturo Ramos. The hacienda style creates walls around an interior courtyard, nearly always with a fountain or water element. Several levels take advantage not only of the views, but also of the hillside terrain. Some of the larger homes even have tennis courts, while several beachfront homes offer private beach access with showers and changing rooms.

The entire area of Conchas Chinas, whether it’s the beachfront or the hillside or closer Amapas, is the most exclusive residential area on the coast. As building continues further north, it only throws into striking contrast the advantage of living so close to Puerto Vallarta, where the best restaurants are at your fingertips. Entertainment continues to offer a variety of theater, movies, musicals and other shows for evenings spent on the town, a major consideration for group rentals.

A variety of properties are available including condominiums, lots, villas and even entire buildings. Costs generally begin from just under a half million to over $4 million USD.


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  1. macaria matus says:

    hi, i am trying to contact the architec Arturo Ramos but i dont find any tel number in internet. Could you be so kind to send me his contact info?
    thank you

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