Central Puerto Vallarta

(text provided courtesy of VirtualVallarta.com)

There’s no doubt that living in the heart of downtown, “El Centro”, is attractive for many who move to Puerto Vallarta specifically for the romantic life suggested

by walking along the Malecón on a sunny Sunday, surrounded by the friendly faces of Mexico. The description alone rings the bells. Or curls the toes as they dig in the soft sand. But what is life really like on the streets in the hills above downtown?

The majority of the homes are from another century. Old can mean full of character or it can mean complete with wrinkles. Many of the homes have been purchased and completely remodeled, and there are many still available for those who enjoy building and decorating.

Recently there have been small condominium projects being built, some with views on the hillside but most in the actual downtown area, which offer modern construction and facilities for people who demand it, while still being in the downtown area.

The closeness to town, which allows one to walk to restaurants and shops, as well as the wonderful views of the town and the bay, are the primary reasons for living in this area. However with these advantages come some disadvantages, such as a lack of parking, narrow streets and city noises (including roosters early in the morning!). Despite this, there has been a resurgence in interest for homes in this area in recent years.

The heavy bus traffic through downtown on Morelos going south and Juárez going north is a reality that hasn’t changed despite repeated promises, surveys, reports and corroborations that the situation is untenable. So don’t hold your breath that it will change any time soon. But, one day, we’ll be surprised by a smoother traffic pattern allowing not only easier access for vehicles, but an increased measure of safety for pedestrians.


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