Bucerias and La Cruz

(text provided courtesy of VirtualVallarta.com)

Real estate options are plentiful in La Cruz and Bucerias and along the coast between these two growing towns, with older homes to more modern condominium opportunities. These two popular towns are located about 20 minutes from the international airport, just north of Nuevo Vallarta. A favorite area for homeowners for many years, especially when Puerto Vallarta started getting too big for some, people started heading north for the towns of Bucerias and La Cruz. But development has caught up here as well, with a number of large developments now situated between these two towns.

Bucerias Real Estate
Bucerias is located along the longest beach of the bay, that stretches from Nuevo Vallarta all the way to Bucerias. Most of the waterfront has been made up mostly of single family homes, but that is quickly changing with now small condominium projects being built up where homes once stood. Behind the beach and up the hillside it is still mostly homes, made up equally of Americans, Mexicans and Canadians who have created a vibrant community. There are some excellent restaurants, shops, and most recently they’ve acquired enough galleries to even have their own Art Walk. Pricing is still affordable, especially if you are back from the beach.

La Cruz Real Estate
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle is a small fishing village that retains much of its original flavor, even though it is being transformed into a major real estate and boating destination with the construction of the Riviera Nayarit Marina along the waterfront. With 368 slips, it will be the most modern marina on the coastline, providing a supply of large slips to the area, as well as a much-needed fuel dock. Most of the town is made up of single family dwellings, however there will be condominiums developed around the marina in the future. La Cruz has excellent restaurants, good music and is especially popular with cruisers.

In between La Cruz and Bucerias is where most of the developing is taking place. Two of the largest developments are Alamar and Punta Esmeralda, with a number of smaller projects such as La Joya de Huanacaxtle. Punta Esmeralda is mostly completed and offers condominiums, townhouses and homes. It was developed by Grupo Real del Mar, who have launched another large development most recently called Alamar, situated behind La Cruz. This project will feature 10-story condominium towers overlooking the bay. They are on the other side of the highway but will have an underpass that will take people to a private beachclub along the ocean.  Alamar and Punta Esmeralda are moderately priced. There are also a few smaller boutique condominium developments in the area as well, currently in development.
The state of Nayarit have presented a plan for a malecón to connect Bucerías with La Cruz to the north and Flamingos to the south. Already many beachside restaurants take advantage of this walking beach, the longest on the bay. While many continue to serve traditional seafood and other local specialties, others have opened to serve the developing gourmet palate of the town. One of the major annual events is the Virgin of Peace, celebrated with a weeklong period of street fairs, stands with local specialties and other wares, fireworks, carnival rides and a street dance. But the finale is definitely worth the trip: the virgin arrives with babe in arms on January 24 from the sea via a flotilla of colorful decorated fishing boats.


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