Carnival continues visits, why not Princess Cruises?

A coule of weeks ago Princess Cruises announced the cancellation of visits to Puerto Vallarta for the remainder of the year based on ongoing security concerns in the region. When questioned about the move to continue visiting Puerto Vallarta, the line stated that they only visit ports of call believed to provide a safe environment for passengers and crew. Well, the American Consulate doesn’t seem to have a security issue with Puerto Vallarta, (The U.S. Consulate General has issued no advisories against travel to Puerto Vallarta and is not aware of any incidents that would have a significant impact on our current security assessment.) so why does Princess Cruises? Carnival Cruise Line issued a statement recently saying that although they will not be visiting Mazatlan, they will continue to visit Puerto Vallarta.

Carnival Cruise Line has evaluated continued security concerns in Mazatlan, Mexico and extended their cancellation of visits to the port. Carnival Splendor’s 7-day itinerary from Long Beach, California will now feature two days in Cabo San Lucas and a 12-hour stay in Puerto Vallarta. Carnival Spirit will also continue her nine-day itineraries from San Diego and Los Angeles from September 2011 to March 2012. The amended voyage includes two-days in Cabo San Lucas along with visits to Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo and Ensenada. “We have been calling at Puerto Vallarta on a weekly basis for many years and at this time have no plans to discontinue our visits there,” a representative from Carnival said in a statement to e-Travel Blackboard.

Princess Cruises has stated that the cancellation of visits to PV is only until the end of this year and then they will re-evaluate the situation. Perhaps by then they’ll understand the situation better, like Carnival and the American Consulate seem to.


One Response to Carnival continues visits, why not Princess Cruises?

  1. Victoria Pratt says:

    My personal inkling on the Princess cancellations is that they are using security as a pretext and are less inclined to confess that it is due to ailing passenger volumes due to the US economy. I suppose it is a bit of a vicious circle, no money, sensationalism in the media, likely driven by chambers of commerce and other tourism factions to keep people travelling inside their own borders. Kudos to Carnival for being loyal to and supportive of an ever-great destination.

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