Paradise remains safe and welcome…

I believe the best way to overcome the the negative and sensationalist coverage of Mexico is to hear from Americans and Canadians who actually live in Mexico and hear how their lives have been affected. For an overall majority, their life has not been affected; they continue to live their lives and for them “paradise remains safe and welcoming”. Here’s a piece from a US newspaper, the Bemidji Pioneer.

As a U.S. citizen and former Bemidji resident, now living in beautiful Punta de Mita, Mexico, near Puerto Vallarta, I am saddened by all of the negative media stories about Mexico.
These stories are, in many cases, very misleading. My little piece of paradise remains safe and welcoming, contrary to some media reports. My local friends and neighbors are suffering financially, as these stories continue to be in the news. For those of you who have traveled to Mexico, you know what a lovely and hospitable place most of Mexico is. Yes, there are problems in some areas, just as in many parts of the states. But, we shouldn’t be writing off the entire country. It is a very large and diverse country with wonderful history, beautiful scenery, wonderfully affordable cuisine with fresh seafood and local fruits and vegetables, and hospitable people who love and cherish their families and neighbors. We have felt very welcomed here. I could share many positive stories with you about our life in retirement here in Mexico. I have felt safer here in our little village than I sometimes felt in little Bemidji. Our crime rate here is very low. Please do not buy into the idea that all of Mexico is dangerous. Come on down. Talk to your friends who have been here and they can tell you that this is a delightful place. You will receive a warm welcome.
Shari Seeling Cronk


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