North Shore highway upgrade on hold

At the beginning of 2010 it was announced that a new portion of the highway that leads out to Punta Mita from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, would be re-directed to provide a more direct route to the point and also provide four-lane travel. The new departure point would be just before Alamar. Instead of making a left turn just after the light at La Cruz, you’d head to the right (with Alamar on your left-hand side) and meet up with newer section of the highway near the Paladium Hotel. The highway that now goes along the coast would only go as far as the condominium development of Aura – Arena Blanca; it would in essence now only function as an access road. By diverting the highway it would make the route more direct and shorter, but also allow for the development of Nahui, which encompasses this coastline, to have more uninhibited coastal property.

Well, it never happened. Then the project was resurrected at the end of 2010 and it was announced in early 2011 that construction would start in March. March has come and gone and the work has not begun. Last week it was announced that the funding appropriated for the highway was no longer available and it is not known when the funding could be available again.

Back to the drawing board.

UPDATE: Its a go again!


3 Responses to North Shore highway upgrade on hold

  1. Dean says:

    Hi John, Any idea on how much this will cut down the commuting time from the airport out to Punta Mita?
    I’d say on the bus now it takes about 45 mins to an hour.


  2. johnlifestyles says:

    It seems whenever an improvement like this is made, such as the improvement on the stretch closest to Punta Mita, or the overpass that was constructed in front of the Nuevo Vallarta entrance (so there is no longer a light there), there is an initial savings in commute time but then its lost because of increased traffic on the road. There may be 5 minutes cut off the trip, but what is more important is increased safety as all those tight corners on the current narrow road will be gone. People will be able to pass more easily and traffic shouldn’t get backed up. But easier access means more people will take advantage of it so the road will get busier.

  3. Hi John, I had a conversation three weeks ago with a small developer who has a project in el Guamuchilillo, located a few minutes away from Bucerias going North on the 200 highway and there is a group of people from that village who receive some offers to buy their properties where they planned to build the new road but the process of buying is not finished, looks like its going to take more time to start the construction.

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