Vallarta/Nayarit US Consular Agent addresses security issues

Kelly Trainor, the U.S. Consular Agent for the Puerto Vallarta/Nayarit area, recently spoke at a luncheon for a group out in Punta de Mita.  Of course, security was on everyone’s mind and who would know better how Americans are being treated in the region than the consular agent? Kelly stated that security for Americans and Canadians living or visiting in this part of Mexico continues to be free of the drama that is getting so much publicity in the U.S. media.  Specifically, in the last fifteen months there has been only one American killed and he was a dual citizen, a convicted felon, under dubious circumstances and using a false name. Two Canadians were killed during this time period who were believed to be connected to a “mafia-type” organization in Montreal, and were also under dubious circumstances.  For visitors coming to Puerto Vallarta Kelly’s suggestions are pretty simple; don’t do things you wouldn’t do back home, use common sense and avoid strip clubs or other late-night adventures. She also noted that there are about 40,000 Americans currently living in Puerto Vallarta and her office issued 900 passports last year.


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