Testimonials from Vallarta/Nayarit Homeowners

Here’s a few testimonials we’ve received from people who live in Punta de Mita or Vallarta, and what their impression is:

I am a native of Seattle but have a place on the beach in Punta Mita.  We have never felt threatened or unsafe in our little village far from the drug problems on the US border.  We bring our children and friends and do not fear for their safety.  The locals here are very friendly and welcome us as friends.  We feel that this is our “home away from home” and many of our Mexican friends say “Welcome home” when we return. This is a great place to visit and to live.  Please join us in one of the many restaurants on the beach for a sunset margarita and a wonderful meal.

Dr Bob and Jody Bethel, Punta de Mita

Thanks for the opportunity to help offset the bad press that continues to plague Mexico. As Terri and I have been travelling in Mexico for years prior to settling down here on the beach we feel strongly about the misconceptions spread by the press in trying to sell newspapers. We can honestly say the country of Mexico is  perhaps the most interesting country in the world. Filled with gracious and generous people, a travellers delight. Terri and I have travelled extensively in Mexico without even so much as a flat tire, and to have a dream place on the beach while Canada suffers through another cold hard winter makes it even more desireable. Our Mexicans Friends are cultured, bi and sometimes tri lingual well travailed and fun to be with, especially in a country with so diverse a culture and culinary delights. I can only say that Mexico is perhaps key to continued prosperity within NAFTA, a country of a hundred and eight million people who are hard working and share our north american values of family and friends. It is too bad that the “other ” side of Mexico doesn’t receive the same amount of press that the criminals get, and to criticize Mexico is to think that America and Canada are free from the same problems, which both countries have in abundance.  THe losers are those who cannot see beyond the papers and deprive themselves of a wonderful vacation, a wonderful place to have a winter home, play golf, fish, enjoy the culture and the cuisine. Having said all the above Mexico will continue to improve and continue to be a paradisefor those who take the trouble to learn and enjoy, again thanks for the opportunity to speak out in a public forum about this as it is important to us all.


Terri and Rick Soley 
Punta Mita.

I’m amazed at the reporting by  the news media on the violence in Mexico.  No one can deny the seriousness of what is essentially a border war with the drug cartels.  But the media doesn’t point out that the rest of the country is business as usual.  My wife and I own two properties in Mexico, one in Guadalajara and the other in Puerta Vallarta. They are both a joy to to visit, in what for us is something of a paradise with warm friendly people   Friends ask us, “aren’t you afraid?  Our answer is, “of what?”  It’s like I live in California and there is some trouble on the East Coast with no likelihood of that trouble coming here, would you really be frightened to visit here?  Both the press and television need to clarify what is happening in Mexico and what is not happening.

Ben Dial, Puerto Vallarta



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