Snow Birds impression on returning to Vallarta

Starting sometime in November, many Americans and Canadians began making their way back to Puerto Vallarta as well as other parts of Mexico. I happen to spend my weekdays in Puerto Vallarta and weekends in Punta de Mita. For the condo building we live in in Marina Vallarta, many of the owners or foreigners, primarily from Canada, and we know each other well. Out in Punta Mita there are always many cocktail events taking place, especially in the month of November when they first arrive, so lots of opportunities to mingle.

The conversation around the building in Marina Vallarta and at the cocktail parties in Punta Mita in November seemed to always drift towards the security concerns, from what they’ve been seeing on TV. As I live here most of the year, and well connected to the community through out publications, its a question I was asked a lot. “So what’s the situation? Do you feel safe here? Should I be concerned?”

And I answer truthfully. My lifestyle has not changed. I don’t know of anyone who has been a victim of this violence that is continually being showed on mainstream media with its portrayal of Mexico; life goes on here as it has in the past. Yes, there’s violence, but the overwhelming majority of it is happening a long ways away from here. But you can see the concern in their faces.

Well, that was November. As we moved into December there were more events, but people became busy with friends and family arriving for the holidays, and with their regular winter activities such as golfing, surfing, fishing, and working on their tan.

Now in January its become a non-issue. No one is asking me the questions anymore. They’ve been down here and seen firsthand that there is nothing going on that should give them concern. They have gotten on with their lives, they are enjoying paradise. And now what I’m hearing, especially with all the snow that’s been falling to the north, is, “We sure do live in paradise here, don’t we?” Yes, we do.


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