North Shore Highway Upgrade

The cover of the local newspaper, the Vallarta Opina, featured a story yesterday about the status of improvements for the highway from La Cruz to Punta de Mita. A few years ago the road was widened and improved but only from where the Paladium Resort is, out to Punta de Mita. The government has been talking since then of finishing off the project but it keeps getting delayed. Well, it looks like its back on the table with work supposed to begin in March and completed by Christmas (let’s hope its the same construction firm that did the bridge – finished ahead of schedule!).

The new road would go straight after the intersection light in La Cruz, and go behind the development of Alamar, meeting up with the original road just by Destiladeras Beach. Improvements would then be made to the existing portion of this road, until it reaches the new portion of the highway at Paladium. Once built, the existing road along the coast would only continue as far as the developments of Real del Mar and Aura -Arena Blanca, so as to open up the coastline for the mega-development of Nahui.

The propose road will have four lanes and be built in concrete.

This will certainly open up further development for the North Shore. Other plans currently in the works are for a hospital on the North Shore, as well as a school modeled after the American School that currently exists in Marina Vallarta.


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