Mexico’s Drug War Myths Dispelled

This was recently featured on CNN and nicely puts into perspective just how dangerous Mexico is NOT compared to other countries. There’s been a lot of MSM messages going around that its one of the most dangerous countries in the world. A recent Brookings Institute report says that just not true, by a long shot. Please view and pass along! You have to wait through a 30 second commercial, but its worth it.

When Kevin Cosasamora of the Brookings Institution was asked if it was true that the country to the south has one of the highest murder rates on the planet, he replied:

“Not even close.  says that Mexico’s murder rate is not even among the top ten in Latin America. Pales in significance when you compare it to places like Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, even Columbia that has seen its murder rate go down significantly, its even much lower than the murder rate in Brazil.”

The study also shows that Mexico’s violence is highly concentrated, in states away from major tourist areas.


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