Perception and Reality

As people have been returning back to Vallarta, comments have been heard that the slow down in the economy, and also having less people in town because of the number of people buying into the USA and Canada’s mainstream media claims that its dangerous down here, have actually made it a little more pleasant.

  • You don’t have to wait in line to get a table at your favorite restaurant or need a reservation.
  • The beaches aren’t as crowded, you can find a lounge chair.
  • The town and air is cleaner (and less noise) with less construction taking place. For awhile it was really getting tiring living in a constant stage of construction. The whole region was one big construction site.
  • There are no large trucks on the road, bringing in supplies, that create traffic problems, dust and pollution.

Someone actually mentioned to me the following. “The people that actually believe the claims that its dangerous for foreigners here, that they’ll be kidnapped or shot down in the streets by drug dealers, are the people would prefer not to have down here anyways. They obviously don’t understand, or are capable of understanding, the reality of the situation.” Well, that’s a little harsh, but he did have a point underneath that. We all have a friend or family member that no matter what you tell them, they adamantly believe (because they believe everything they read or see in the news), that this is a dangerous place to be. Its very difficult to overcome. They actually have to get down here to understand that the problems Mexico does have effect a small group of people who for the most part are involved in the drug trade. Our lifestyles have not been effected.

For an example, this was recently written up in the New York Post, regarding people who attended Joe Francis’ recent wedding held in Punta Mita:

“Bass and the former model drove six hours on the world’s most dangerous highway to get to the “Girls Gone Wild” creator’s estate in Punta Mita after their plane was diverted from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara. “I’m always up for an adventure, but I’m not sure I’d do that again,” Tiegs told us, adding they had no idea they were driving through areas full of drug-gang violence.

On the world’s most dangerous highway??? What’s that about?

Planes carrying guests including Kris and Bruce Jenner and their twin daughters, Kendall and Kylie, and jewelry designer Loree Rodkin were diverted to Guadalajara and other locales on Thursday after a plane crash-landed on Puerto Vallarta’s only runway. Tiegs and Bass were on the same commercial flight from Los Angeles. After being told there were no flights to Puerto Vallarta, Bass, Tiegs and three others drove for six hours along a highway where drug-related killings and beheadings are routine. Bass barrelled through the desert at 100 mph.

Routine killings and beheadings. And yes, in the desert. Where is there desert around here?

“It was actually fun, because we didn’t know we were in the danger zone,” Tiegs told us. “We were taking pictures, laughing, singing, having such a great time.

Ah hah! Now we are getting to what’s its really like in Vallarta: “laughing, singing and having such a great time.”

“About half the trip was in the dark. We stopped at places that looked a little shady, but we wanted to grab some beers or water. Everyone was nice, but who knows what was lurking in the darkness?”

Its daunting what we are up against on a PR level.

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