Cafe Deux Mondes

With the slowdown in the real estate market in Vallarta I’ve had some extra time on my hands to finally finish up a feature film screenplay I started a few years ago, but had to put aside when things got busy down here.

Being married to a Parisian has allowed me to understand the differences between American/Canadian and French cultures. The opportunity to travel to France over the years allowed us to accumulate wine for our cellar and develop a fondness for Pinot Noir. This led to a story idea for a feature film, which I manage to complete this summer.

Writing a screenplay is one thing, getting someone to look at it is another! So if any of you readers happen to be in the business, or can provide a tip or lead, I’d appreciate it if you could do a quick read of the synopsis of the story that follows. And if you find it interesting, well, I’m easy to contact!

Cafe Deux Mondes (Two Worlds) is a romantic/comedy drama. Here’s the synopsis:

American guy meets meets French girl in a cafe in Paris when he takes some time off after finishing grad school. She works at the cafe and he keeps coming back until he gets a date. She shows him Paris and a year later they are married (and pregnant). They move to the USA (New York State) and he works for a successful marketing company. But every year they go back and visit France, check out a new region, and while there they buy wine for the wine cellar on her parent’s property. Over the years they build up this wonderful collection that is filled with not just good wine, but great memories: anniversaries, birthdays, great trip, etc. But then things get bad. He’s working way too much. He gets drunk in LA at a product launch and ends up sleeping with a girl, and the wife finds out.

The marriage is in trouble. He moves out (kicked out) and stays at a friend’s place while they see a marriage counselor, try to work it out, but do not have much luck. During the summer when the kids get out of school she takes them back to France and tells him he better come over because the only thing left to divide up is the wine in the cellar. He does and they start going through the wine over a period of a week or so, while also drinking it. And as they drink it, share it, the memories of the wonderful times they had when they bought the wine come back. How in love they were then, and most importantly, why they fell in love in the first place. They fall in love again, until he messes it up by going back to NY for a demanding client. But while there he realizes that what he really wants, what’s most important, is the wife and kids (and the wine!). So he quits, catches a plane back to France, makes a good entrance and wins the girl back.

They live happily ever after.


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