Mexico Hot Spots for Crime

In a previous post I included an image that shows where crime is concentrated for the greater Los Angeles area and remarked that these are the places you don’t want to go, but that doesn’t mean you don’t visit Los Angeles. I also said what we need is a similar map, but for Mexico, as to where you may not want to go. Well the LA Times was kind enough to deliver that kind of map for us as well.

This shows that 2,439 deaths have occurred this year related to the drug wars in the whole country of Mexico. And most of this had to do with drug gangs taking out each other as they fought for turf – or taking our the competition.

The orange circles show where the crimes have predominantly been taking place. Puerto Vallarta is situated just to the left of where the text says “State of Mexico -156 deaths” on the coast. You can see the inset coastline, which is the Bay of Banderas. There are no circles in or near the Puerto Vallarta area.

So its just like the previous post about Los Angeles. There are good places and bad places in LA, and most people know that, but you don’t write off the whole city because of it. The same goes for the country of Mexico. There are places that have experienced more violent crimes because of the drug wars – stay away from those. But don’t think that you have to avoid the whole country of Mexico!


2 Responses to Mexico Hot Spots for Crime

  1. Jim Swickard says:

    It’s great to see some statistics put into the proper perspective. As you explained the Puerta Vallarta location not being the focal point of the crime area near the icon, the same is true for most of the map. Unfortunately, it appeared to me that both Sonora and Chihuahua’s hot spots were in the center of the states, when in reality it’s almost all on the U.S. border. For our hotel that places us more than 400 miles from the dangerous area.

    Keep up the good work on, as Paul Harvey would say, telling “the rest of the story”.

  2. […] Very much so. Especially when violence takes place in a part of Mexico that is hundreds of miles away from Puerto Vallarta, but they refer to it as drug violence in “Mexico”. Just last week a the head of the Montreal Mafia was shot down in Montreal. Same thing happens in Mexico with drug cartels fighting amongst themselves. Now if a drug king pin was killed in Puerto Vallarta, it would be construed in MSM that Puerto Vallarta is a dangerous place to be, and people would believe it, perhaps deciding not to visit PV because of it. But when MSM wrote about the Mafia Don being killed in Montreal, people read about it and realized that they have nothing to do with the mafia, so it doesn’t effect them. Even if they live in Montreal. But do people decide not to travel to Montreal? Of course not. Or to Quebec? Or Canada? But that’s how its portrayed in MSM – a killing takes place in one part of Mexico and the whole country becomes a dangerous place to live or visit. What really are the chances? (Read this post and this one) […]

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