Violent crime in “Mexico” – Can we please get this in perspective?

Why is it always reported that the crime “took place in Mexico” when it appears in mainstream media captions in the US? If the crime took place in Tamaulipas, why not say that? If a crime takes place in Los Angeles, you say Los Angeles. And if you live anywhere else but Los Angeles, it probably doesn’t even get reported to you. But any crime, especially if an American is involved, that takes place within Mexico, makes international headlines.

We went online to see what crime is like in Los Angeles. Pretty easy to find.

17,579 violent crimes have been reported so far this year. So is this a reason not to go to Los Angeles? No, of course not.

If you look at this map, it shows you where these crimes were concentrated. Does the fact that these places in red have a high level of violent crime mean that the whole United States is dangerous? No, but those are the places you shouldn’t go to, especially anytime after midnight!

Same goes for Mexico. There are places, areas of cities, times of the day and night, and places in those cities, that you shouldn’t go to, just like back home. If you don’t, the odds are excellent that nothing at all will ever happen to you.

I guess we need to do a similar map for Mexico, to show people where the violent crimes are taking place in this country. Because they sure aren’t happening around Puerto Vallarta, at least no where the level you’d think is happening from listening to American or Canadian news. But every time they talk about a crime in Mexico, its unfortunately taken by many Americans to mean that the whole country is dangerous.

Where’s the “fair and balanced” news out there?


2 Responses to Violent crime in “Mexico” – Can we please get this in perspective?

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  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you, thank you. Whether it’s Mexico or somewhere else, we need to recognize that using a blanket approach to the news is irresponsible and damaging. We recently told someone that we wanted to go to Europe and were told it was dangerous to go there…really? To Tuscany?? You just need to travel smart. I hope that tourism to Mexico improves soon; people need to live their lives and not live scared.

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