Mexico Real Estate Summit Postponed

NOTE: The real estate summit that was to take place on November 11th has been postponed and we are not sure at this time for when it will be rescheduled.

On November 11 & 12 of this year, a real estate conference will be held in Puerto Vallarta called “Mexico Real Estate Summit 2010 – Opportunities in an Improving Economy”, produced by Teal Education. It will be held at the Sheraton Buganvilias Resort Convention Center.

Over these two days, participants will learn the latest developments to affect the recovering residential real estate market in Mexico. New tax reforms, marketing strategies, finance incentives, angles, opportunities, regulatory and legal updates are just some of the topics to be covered. Hear from developers, tax and legal experts, financial institutions, government representatives and other key professionals in the industry.

Industry specialists will be on hand to discuss, learn and develop business relationships andopportunities. This year’s event will focus on  “Preparing for the Returning Market”.

Topics covered include:

  • Session 1 Current state of the market and economy
  • Session 2 Doing business and investing in the Mexico real estate market
  • Session 3 The venture plan: from start to finish; planning, controlling, construction and infrastructure concerns
  • Session 4 Doing your homework: acquisitions, existing projects, financial, accountancy, environmental, valuation, legal perspectives
  • Session 5 Tax and legal considerations for real estate projects
  • Session 6 The importance of access to capital: a preview
  • SessioN 7 Options for financing (re) and bank/developer workouts for Mexico real estate projects
  • Session 8 Legal and regulatory issues and strategies in marketing and selling your Mexico development in the U.S., Mexico or Canada
  • Session 9 Legal aspects, procedures and trends in structuring and managing hospitality industry
  • Session 10 Latest prospects for mortgage companies
  • Session 11 Update in assisted care living investment opportunities

For more information and instructions on how to register visit


2 Responses to Mexico Real Estate Summit Postponed

  1. Johnny Miller says:

    This story says it all:
    NOTE: The real estate summit that was to take place on November 11th has been postponed and we are not sure at this time for when it will be rescheduled.

    Why was it postponed? Was it because so few were willing to come and/or pay to register? Real Estate professionals would like to say that we have hit the bottom of the market and things are turning around in Mexico. Otherwise , what are they supposed to do in terms of occupation. I am sorry, I am like you, and are not able to buy or sell. My opinion, we are 3-5 years out from a true turn around because of a multitude of reasons, not just economic, but political, social, and economic. Mexico has a PR crisis on their hands of tsunami like proportions. They need a crisis management team to promote Mexico again. And the start will be a new president in 2012.

  2. johnlifestyles says:

    “Logistics”? Not quite sure what the reason was, but I think perhaps low pre sign-up results may have had something to do with it.

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