Update on Icon Vallarta

In the International Property Journal there was a recent post regarding how sales have been going at Icon in Puerto Vallarta, one of the three tower projects that now line the shore of the Hotel Zone. One statement that was interesting, made by their head of sales in PV, was:

Most of the ICON Vallarta sales have been in the last few months, with an equal split between U.S. and Mexican buyers, according to a spokeswoman for the 343-unit development. “Almost all” the clients have been second home buyers, not investors, she says.

Most of their sales have been in the last few months? This project has been for sale for some time so that seems hard to believe. This project certainly started off well and had excellent sales when first launched, I can’t see how sales these past few months could have been better than their initial launch.


One Response to Update on Icon Vallarta

  1. Brock Squire says:

    Nor I! We (Coldwell Banker) are doing sales & marketing for Nima Bay in Marina Vallarta. Even with the addition of Starbucks and the pending completion of Phase I, sales this summer have been nothing close to what they were 18 months ago! What is perhaps more interesting though is that of the last 30 ‘tours’ we have had in Nima Bay, one was Canadian and 29 were Mexican Nationals!

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