Mexico issues Travel Advisory for Arizona

I spoke with a Realtor yesterday who told me about an American friend, someone who has lived in Mexico for some time, who was traveling back from Guadalajara this weekend by plane and was taken aside by an immigration officer to ask to see his passport and visa to be in Mexico. Although he had picture ID, he did not have his FM3 Visa or passport with him, thinking that traveling inside Mexico it was not needed. After 20 minutes of discussion he was let go, but what was this about, retaliation for what’s currently going on in Arizona? Let’s hope not. But also in Mexico, the federal government recently issued a travel warning for Mexicans planning on visiting Arizona. This is from the Yuma Sun:

Mexico is urging its citizens to use caution when traveling to or through Arizona, in the aftermath of the signing of a new state law that cracks down on illegal immigration. The advisory from Mexico’s Foreign Relations Ministry noted that the law will not take effect for several months, but added that “as was in evidence during the legislative process, there exists an adverse political environment for migrant communities and for all Mexican visitors.” Even if public demonstrations and other forms of protest against the law taper off, Mexican citizens should “act with prudence and respect the local legal framework,” the advisory added. Mexicans should begin immediately to carry immigration documents with them at all times in Arizona “to avoid unnecessary confrontations,” the advisory stated. “While the criteria has not been defined for when, where and whom the authorities can question, it should be assumed that all Mexican citizens could be bothered and questioned without a major reason at any moment.

The advisory seems reasonable enough, but is this what its coming to, Mexicans having to carry their passport and visas with them at all times in the US and the same for Americans in Mexico?


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