Living and Working in Puerto Vallarta

Bill McFadden has a good article about the negative press Puerto Vallarta and Mexico have received recently. He makes some good points of why this is, for the most part, just not true. Worth reading the whole thing.

Living in Puerto Vallarta for over eight years; I have seen during that time how some of the media in the USA and Canada will pick up on anything negative that happens in Mexico.  They then glamorize it into a news release that makes people reading or viewing the reports, think that Mexico is a very undesirable place to visit or live. I have lived in what would be considered a relatively safe place in Canada, that being Edmonton, Alberta, for 31 years prior to moving to Puerto Vallarta. I can tell you that Edmonton is by far a more dangerous place to live than Puerto Vallarta.  It seems the media has a fascination for sensationalizing anything that occurs in Mexico and this reflects in the fact that Americans and Canadians are uncomfortable about visiting or retiring in Mexico.  Puerto Vallarta, in contrast, is a virtual Paradise.
Most recently; the combination of the World’s Financial Crisis, Swine Flu (HINI), corruption in the government and the negative publicity concerning the internal fight against the Drug lords have had an extremely bad economic effect on Mexico: an effect that is mostly unjustified.  This article will present a very different viewpoint for most parts of Mexico.  This is not to say that I believe there are areas in Mexico where I would not live while having the same freedoms and comfort in the safety as in Puerto Vallarta.  Having lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta as a business owner, realtor & architect for over eight years, I can attest to much of what I am about to report:

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