Medical Tourism in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta

In the upcoming issue of Vallarta Lifestyles we feature a article on medical tourism. This is a big opportunity for Mexico, I hope the federal government is catching on to the idea. I think this is something the local real estate industry in Puerto Vallarta should really pay attention and educate themselves on how they and Puerto Vallarta could benefit.

Mexidata has a good article on Medical Tourism that just came out. Although it talked about Medical Tourism nationally, it chose to focus locally on Puerto Vallarta.

Medical Tourism in a Tourist Town
A former head of the Puerto Vallarta Medical Association who currently serves on the municipal health committee, Dr. Jorge Roberto Cortes, or “Doctor Jorge” as he likes to be called, is skeptical that health care will be a bigger reason for people to come to Mexico than it is now.
Still, coincidental visits to the doctor or dentist are increasingly important in tourist destinations like Puerto Vallarta. For instance, Cortes estimated his patient load consists of 50 percent foreigners and 50 percent Mexican nationals. In Puerto Vallarta and elsewhere in Mexico, sick tourists from the US will discover that medical costs are far cheaper than at home. According to Cortes, office visits hover around $40, while x-rays costing as little as $40 can be turned around in less than 45 minutes.
After several years in the US that included a stint at Mt. Sinai, Cortes speaks English with barely a hint of an accent. And he is not the only local, bilingual health care provider. A city of more than 300,000 people, Puerto Vallarta has a plethora of public and private hospitals, hundreds of doctors, modern medical labs and ready medical evacuation services.

Check out the full article here, its worth reading.


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