New real estate MLS system for Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit

The three chapters of the regional real estate associations (AMPI)  in and around Vallarta voted this week to begin procedures to start up a new multiple listing service (MLS) for the local real estate industry. They have chosen Innovia, a product of First American, as the platform for the new system.

For the past 22 years the region has had a privately owned and operated MLS system operated by the Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group (Disclosure – this is my company), called Multi-List Vallarta. The new system will be owned and operated by the three chapters of AMPI. It is expected that the new system will be up and running within the next 60 days.

The payment structure will be different with the new system. With Multi-List Vallarta service was charged per member office, ($600 pesos per month) with a small annual fee ($1,000 pesos) for real estate salespeople. The new system will charge salespersons and they expect the cost to be around $600 pesos per month, per salesperson. The new system, it seems, will transfer the burden of paying for the system from the real estate office to the real estate salesperson.

It is mandatory that all members belong to the new MLS, however there are no rules in place that would impede people from using the old system. Most will probably continue to use both for at least most of 2010 as the association gets its system up and running and works on search engine optimization so that their public site will be found on the search engines.

Multi-List Vallarta will continue to operate, although it is not certain at this time whether they will open the MLS up to non-AMPI members. At this time VLPG is committed to only working with AMPI-member offices as they have in the past.  They will also continue with Multi-Dev Vallarta, their MLS system for real estate developments, although there will most likely be some type of arrangement for agency-marketed developments to be featured within AMPI’s new system.

Because of the change in system, the Vallarta Lifestyles Publishing Group has decided to cancel, or at least delay, their annual real estate conference usually held in February. With the strain this “break” has caused in the relationship between VLPG and AMPI, mostly in the way the whole matter has been handled, VLPG does not feel comfortable in going forward with the trade conference.

So comes to an end what was the first MLS service, and longest running service of its kind in Mexico, at least as a mandated service from AMPI. There are a lot of changes taking place in the real estate industry, especially regarding MLS systems, and VLPG is watching this closely before proceeding with any changes. Their most immediate goals is to ensure the MLS service continues smoothly for the real estate associations so there is no interruption in service. Its going to be difficult enough on the association in launching a new system in what will most likely be one of the toughest real estate years for the region in quite some time.


4 Responses to New real estate MLS system for Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit

  1. Catherine says:

    Just a brief note from the team at Pacific Boutique Properties to say thank you for all the work you put into establishing the first MLS service for the Costa Vallarta and the Riviera Nayarit when there was none available; a service which I have been using now for for over ten years and without which us members of the three local AMPI chapters would not have been able to work for so long – and so effectively – cross-selling each others’ listings . Thanks to you, Flo and your staff.

  2. johnlifestyles says:

    Thanks Catherine for the kind words. Catherine actually was the first office to sign up to have the new interface installed on her website and it can be seen at Another ten are either up and running or will be shortly. It should be mentioned that those that keep with our old interface are now using old technology and we won’t be servicing this system anymore, so please do update to the next system.

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