Buying Ejido Property IS a cause for alarm…

There was an article in the publication Homes & Living recently titled “Acquiring ‘ejido’ property should not be a cause for alarm”, which discusses the legalizing process and the history of ejido property. Although the author explains well that the process of legalizing ejido property has been simplified, especially when compared to years past (prior 1992), his claim that buying ejido real estate can be done with “confidence and security” is misleading. Yes, there are rules in place to simplify the process, but at a number of stages during the conversion the original ejidotarios can challenge the “sale”. I think the writer should have provided  this information, how the sale needs to be approved by the members of the ejido, and how any decision can be challenged after the fact, by any member who feels they have a claim to the property or just want to own. They do have first rights to it.

Anyone considering a purchase of ejido should be fully aware of the pitfalls and what the process entails. As the writer states, many have purchased ejido and had it successfully converted, but there are also many other cases out there where owners have not faired so well. Its a gamble, very difficult than purchasing regularized land and obtaining a trust on the property.


One Response to Buying Ejido Property IS a cause for alarm…

  1. Maria O'Connor says:

    Thank you!!! At last!

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