Google Maps Real Estate Update

Google has launched another upgrade to their Google Maps that gets closer to looking like a national or international real estate search engine, as noted at SearchEngineLand. This follows with Google’s delivery of “Place” pages; information pages on businesses, landmarks, or, individual properties. If individual properties is the case, is Google looking at providing information on every real estate property, every home or condo in the countries it services? Hmmm… sounds a lot like what NAR just announced at their conference with the Realtor Property Resource (further explained at AgentGenius).

Google provides in the real estate listing place pages property information, photos, map placement, Street View imagery and functionality, nearby public transit details, and even AdWords ads. They are moving fast on this, with a major upgrade to what they have to offer for information on real estate in July and again earlier this month. A sample page from a home in Seattle shows the pictures and information Google is providing, so far.

Not sure what this means for sites like Trulia, Zillow, or eventually, although I’m sure its going to take some time to make its way down into Mexico. Its all quite interesting, watching this unfold. The way real estate information is marketed and distributed is going through a major transformation.


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