Conversations with Local Vallarta Realtors

Met with a few local Puerto Vallarta Realtors yesterday for lunch and  presented some marketing strategies we are currently undertaking. Afterwards there was time to talk about the Vallarta real estate market and how they see things going. The opening remark to get the discussion going was by one Realtor who said, “Is it me or has there just been a significant up-tick in activity recently?” And that got them going. All agreed that there has been more activity and gave stories to back it up. One had recently just taken a listing and had it sell the same day, for full price! That hasn’t happened in awhile. The price ranges still tend to be the mid to lower end of the market, up to $300,000, but they all agreed that there was more interest and activity in the $400,000 to $650,000 range as well. The million-plus market is still weak, the “discretionary”  market; they haven’t seen a strong return here yet. Although they did talk of a few deals/offers currently in the works in this price range, it wasn’t much.

I was having suspicions that the market had been improving as it became nearly impossible to schedule the meeting – they were all just too busy. Two that were supposed to attend just couldn’t make it. All during lunch the blackberrys and iPhones were constantly ringing. It sure made for an upbeat mood for the meeting!


4 Responses to Conversations with Local Vallarta Realtors

  1. Hi John,

    To have good news in our market always will be exciting! a couple of question for you, did the realtors mention about the origen of the clients? is the american prospect is coming back? thanks,

    • johnlifestyles says:

      They said that the clients have been both American, Mexican and Canadian. Americans are coming back into the market. However, most of the action is still under $500,000 USD. And they are looking for deals.

  2. Judy says:

    In Sept. there was major erosion in front of the GV…..could you report the condition of the beach now? Thank You.

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