MLS Service Update

For Multi-List Vallarta members:

There seems to be a considerable amount of confusion right now over what may be happening regards to MLS service for the Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit region.

Let me be clear that the changes that are taking place will not effect your MLS service. If anything, its going to get better, at least from our side. Our decision to no longer offer MLS service exclusively for the association of AMPI has many aspects to it, but it comes down to that we believe we can offer better service for our clients working one-on-one rather than through the association. AMPI is an integral and important part of the local real estate industry, however, we’d prefer to work on a platform more like we do with our other products, like Vallarta Lifestyles, dealing directly with you rather than through AMPI. The fact that AMPI is actively looking for other options for MLS service only made us think this through more seriously and now rather than later.

This is what you’ll be getting.

With AMPI, if they go with First American’s option, you’ll get a great product for managing your listings. But it is NOT a marketing tool for getting your listings in front of the public. It can only do that, through the interface that each real estate office will be using to show MLS listings on their sites. First American’s system, like many MLS systems in the USA, work behind the scenes, leaving the public contact to be more up to the realtor. They may be considering a public option (but then you get into the difficulty of obtaining good Google positioning and other challenges). Unfortunately that’s a model that is quickly changing these days. Over and over again, through all sorts of industries, the consumer is becoming the one in control. And if you fight it, you get left behind, like newspapers, music producers, and encyclopedia publishers.

Think of Multi-List Vallarta now as a marketing tool. Because of our strong positioning on Google, your listings will show very well on our websites. We will drive traffic to your websites and your email address. You will be able to have your office information listed on the most popular Vallarta real estate websites. You will be able to advertise your listings inside the Vallarta Real Estate Guide. And you’ll be able to receive a print catalog each month, if you like, as well. So we are a MARKETING TOOL to get your listings in front of the public. First American is a system to get your listings in front of other Realtors (we do that too, just not as thorough as they do).

Another important point…

AMPI seems to think that a big advantage is that their system will be connected in with thousands of real estate agents in the USA. There system can certainly do this, but I have serious reservations on how well this would work. How many people go to their Realtor in their hometown to look for real estate in Mexico, or Puerto Vallarta? Perhaps before the Internet existed, when it was hard to get information, but now they can look for real estate in Vallarta just as easily as any Realtor can. People more and more begin their searching back home, in front of their computer. When they get to Vallarta they continue looking through print publications and then through Realtors or developers. But I can’t see anybody asking their Realtor in their hometown (Boise Idaho, let’s say) for information about Puerto Vallarta! That just isn’t going to happen.


2 Responses to MLS Service Update

  1. Jonas says:

    Good afternoon,

    I feel some of these changes can be a very positive outcome for the real estate industry here in Vallarta.

    Quite a while back my intentions were to join Ampi, Due to misc issues including lack of time i decided to put it on the back burner.
    We are first and foremost a finance company with small seperate real estate side.

    We have done OK without Ampi and mls membership. I do feel the value is in the Mls. I used Mls in the US for many years and i know that it is important.

    My issue was the time required to become a Vallarta Ampi member. I did not have that time available, my hands were full assisting agents, closing deals and building the finance company and training people.

    I admit, I also felt with my 12 + years in the industry, RE lic in California, RE and banking brokerage lic in New Mexico, Conocer certification etc that would qualify me.

    My thoughts in regards to this market allow everyone simple immediate membership in Ampi.
    Maybe along the lines of National Ampi guidelines.

    Few quick thoughts,

    Most folks in the business would likely become members. Industry would not be so divided. More consistency, a larger stronger organization from membership, accountability and the financial side.
    Ampi would have more ability to ensure everyone accountable, compliant, educated, professional.
    Some sort of disciplinary system maybe? If a person fails to comply, especially if multiple issues, last measure kick out of Ampi?
    Make it a group everyone wants to be part of.

    Far More listings on Mls = data in regards to comps etc.
    As a lender this is important as well.
    Brokers / agents held accountable to report solds, pendings etc.

    Time savings agents/offices will not have to look all over the net to find properties, less need for blast over mls board. Saves time, effort and looks professional in clients eyes.

    Would be better for clients as they search properties what they see on line, now on mls, again some degree of consistency.

    Would something like this not provide more value for developers, builders, agents, offices, MLS and Ampi?

    This relatively small real estate community currently divided between the multiple ampi regions, apivac and a lot of independent agents and companies.

    Just from association and knowing one another, folks in general will be more compliant understanding and eduacated.
    A rising tide raises all ships. We have gone thru some challenging times and a paradigm shift.
    few of the benefits in my opinion.

    Your thoughts?

    Thank you,

    All the best,

  2. johnlifestyles says:


    You cover a lot of territory here! Let me take some of these points one at a time.

    With regards to AMPI membership, you certainly are well qualified to be involved in real estate in the USA, that doesn’t necessarily means this should lead to qualification in the Mexico. It certainly helps, but selling real estate in Mexico is not the same as selling it in the USA. The sales process perhaps, but real estate law and the forms of ownership available are different so one needs to educate oneself on this, and AMPI has offered very good courses to do so. With there not being any licensing of real estate professionals in Mexico up to now, AMPI has had to step in and fulfill that role. That’s why membership can be difficult to obtain. Just like it was tough for you to get your license in California – there are a lot of courses to take.

    AMPI, it is true, has not had much luck in bringing other secondary real estate professionals into its group. They are set up to offer different forms of membership to do so, but they haven’t had many people join up.

    AMPI does have an Honors & Justice committee and they do take action if they do something wrong. They have taken away people membership, but the most common punishment is to take away MLS service for a period of time.

    Access to comparative sales in an ongoing issue. It comes down to the fact that many sales are not reported, and if they are, often the sales price is not reported. This information is not publicly available form the Title office, like in the USA, and many Realtors feel that the sales price is not something for them to disclose, that it is private information and should only be disclosed if the owner agrees to it.

    As the current provider of MLS service for the real estate boards, we have tried for years to get Realtors to report sales. But we can’t enforce this. And AMPI has had a tough time setting up rules regarding it. And then half or more of the market is (or at least was) new development properties and the developers don’t want to disclose what their properties sold for. And AMPI has not say whatsoever over developer policies.

    The local AMPI chapters have done a decent job in some of the areas you mention. Its not easy when there isn’t licensing in Mexico (although that is changing). They are probably stronger than most chapters elsewhere in Mexico, with rules and regulations and structure. But, it always could be better. Just difficult getting there with such loose regulations in the government regarding the real estate industry.

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