Real Estate Offices: Getting found on Google Searches

If AMPI decides to establish their own MLS system (and from the feedback we’ve been getting, that seems to be the direction they are going in), it is going to take some time to get it up and running properly. So you’ll want to continue with our service at least until it working and they’ve worked the bugs out of the system. But you’ll also want to continue with our service to ensure that your listing information is found on Google Searches.

Right now, if people search for “vallarta real estate”, or “vallarta MLS” or many, many other key search words or phrases, out websites come out in top position. That means if people use our MLS search available on these sites, your listing information with YOUR contact information, is there. Even if you company website with your listings and MLV Interface comes way down in Google searches, you know that at least your information will appear on

If you look at which other websites come up during these searches, you’ll see that they are either you (if you are one of the lucky one’s!) or your competition. Your listings appear on your competitive sites with the MLV interface, but your contact information is NOT included. However, as long as you have your listings with Multi-List Vallarta, your listings will be in good positions with Google.

So now what about is AMPI goes with First American?

Well, they certainly will not be in the top positions with Google. This takes time, money and a lot of work. They are competing not just against our sites, but 70 other real estate offices and as many real estate developments, who are spending the time, money and doing the work to ensure they show up well. Its going to take time, if they decide to go with a public AMPI search website, to get good positioning.

So you are going to want to continue being a part of Multi-List Vallarta, even after AMPI’s system is up and running, to ensure your listings have the best exposure possible. Even the offices that do have good positioning should do so, as they don’t show up for all key words or phrases. Nobody completely dominates this, but we do come out very well, and we are the only public option available – you can’t advertise on your competitor’s website!


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