MLS Service: Non-Ampi Listings accepted?

This a continuation of the discussion regarding our recent decision to no longer provide MLS service for the local real estate boards, but rather with the individual real estate offices and developments.

We’ve had some people asking if we are going to be opening up MLS to non-AMPI offices and if so, what would happen to the “integrity” of AMPI member listings. Good questions and an important ones.

We’ve been giving this a lot of thought; how do we move from being an association MLS service to an open market advertising tool? Because that is what is happening here. Our MLS Search and the services that come with it are just going to become a marketing tool like Lifestyles or the Real Estate Guide are. We don’t limit who can advertise in those publications, so the same should apply to our MLS Search. But with that said, we DO believe that listings that go through the checklist that we established with AMPI are a higher grade, better listing. They are more “saleable”.

In an indirect way, we are already including listings that aren’t AMPI, such as the listings in Multi-Dev Vallarta. We did this because many realtors were telling us that they needed to see EVERYTHING that’s for sale in the region, to do the best for their clients, as the developers have a huge inventory – bigger that AMPI’s. So we did that. But we have also heard from real estate agents that there are a large number of listings out there that are “pocket” listings, many with AMPI members.

In order for you to do the best job for your buying clients, you need to know everything that’s for sale. So we are going to do just that and also accept Pocket Listings. We’ll establish rules for how the can be included so there is no duplication. However, we are going to make a big distinction between those and exclusive listings.

We are going to identify your exclusive listings as “Premium”, in that they have fulfilled the requirements we have had at MLV (and with AMPI) to be “saleable” properties. And we will make it very clear to the visitor that your listings are more “saleable” by marking them so they stand out and explaining this to them. We will follow this up by advertising this in the Vallarta Real Estate Guide and in Vallarta Lifestyles. So those interested in real estate will know that your listings are better than the “others”. For those interested in using our service they will just enter the listing information like they have done in the past at If they don’t forward a copy of the signed listing agreement, we’ll take this to mean its a “standard” listing. Once we get a copy, the listing will become “Premium”.

Now, with regards to working with non-AMPI offices, our intention is to only work with AMPI offices, the one’s we have been working with for years. Any current AMPI member or office will be “grandfathered” in t Multi-List Vallarta. If for some reason they lose their membership (because of not attending enough meetings or because they have not had their salespeople become affiliates of AMPI) or they just decide to no longer be a member, they would continue to be a member of our service, Multi-List Vallarta. However, we would hope they would not drop AMPI, as real estate boards do provide an important function and service.

Any real estate salesperson, if they want their own password/username to access their listings, to use email broadcasting and other services we do/will provide, can join up, the only requirement is that they work for an office that is currently with Multi-List Vallarta. Matter of fact, any salesperson that is not currently using the system can give it a try at no cost, just give Patricia a call at our office and she will set you up with a password/username and you can then starting using and be receiving email broadcast.


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