Google ramping up its real estate search service?

The following was recently posted by Joel Burslem at the blog “The Future of Real Estate Marketing“. With a number of public sites such as Trulia, Zillow,, etc. out there, I guess Google wants to be part of the game as well.

On the Google LatLong blog today, Google announced that they have rolled out vast improvements in the way that they display real estate searches in their index; they are now included by default in the Maps view. They have also rolled out brand new real estate specific landing page at This move should come as no surprise to anyone following this space. Real estate search tools like Zillow and Trulia are seeing significant traffic growth and Google will only stay on the sidelines so long once they see someone else starting to monetize search results.

As mentioned up front, right now Google is only deploying these searches into its Maps results, so they are relatively confined. But I wonder how long before they display them in their Web results too (much like they do with their Local Business results – at the top of the organic results). If that’s the case, here’s where we may see the Mountain View giant start to siphon off traffic from the real estate specific search sites. Time will tell, but the game’s about to get interesting.

Public sites like Zillow and Trulia are one thing, but when Google gets in the game, its a whole new ballgame. They dominate every other market they are in, are their eyes now set on what has traditionally been a closed system controlled by real estate boards? As Joel says, its going to be interesting…


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