Changes to Real Estate Guide MLV property listings

To MLV Premium Members,

For many years we listed all MLV listings in the Vallarta Real Estate Guide. It was part of the Premium package where you get these listings (unlimited) and your office listed on our online directory at This worked fine when there were only 350 MLS listings and the Guide had more than 50 pages. Well, things changed. The MLS inventory shot up to over 1,100 listings last year and the Real Estate Guide fell to less than 40 pages. To include all the listings it would have taken up 12 pages!

So we decided to look at this a little closer. We noticed that 60% of the offices have less than 10 listings but that one office had over 100 listings. The system wasn’t fair. The larger office was paying something like  2.5 pesos for each property included. Using that figure, we were making less than 20 USD per page in the Real Estate Guide, when an advertising page costs $600 USD. It was clearly not sustainable . And, going to a layout like we now have, where photos aren’t included, isn’t fair either, nor does it look good. So we decided to make it more fair.

For the November issue we are going to allow offices to include 12 properties in the Real Estate Guide with the Premium plan. And, we are going to increase the size of the MLV ad by nearly double; increasing the photo size and the text size so it is easier to read. This way 2/3s of the offices will be able to include ALL their listings. You will be able to check off, in the Member’s Only section of, which properties you want to list. Check off 12, and next issue they will appear. If you want to list more, there will be a small extra charge per property.

For Premium MLV members, we will also be listing your online office contact information in a much better way, including your logo, contact info, description of services offered and space for you to describe your business services. You will control this information, inside the Member’s Only portal. We are also adding icons for affiliations you may have, or awards you have won. You will be able to control this as well (just be honest about it, we’ll check!). This will be ready in November as well.


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