LA Times article about Mexico

The following article was recently featured in the Times, and its a good read. Mexico has been hit extremely hard over the past year, and this article explains well what has happened and what the consequences have been. Read the whole article here:

Your neighbor needs your help. Do you have it within you to lend a hand? Will you book yourself a week on the beach in Cabo or Puerto Vallarta, or explore Mexico City or one of the colonial cities in the heart of Mexico? You know, for the common good. 

This has been a banner decade for empathy tourism — many Americans flocking to New York after 9/11 and to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina did so with a sense of public service. Mexico now needs a similar surge.

Our neighbor to the south is having an annus horribilis, as a British monarch might say. These were never going to be good times down there, with Mexico’s economy so intertwined with ours, but growing concern about war-on-drugs violence, the decline in oil prices and the advent of swine flu has further dented “brand Mexico.” Adding insult to injury, Washington earlier barred Mexican trucks from coming into the United States, a flagrant violation of the North American Free Trade Agreement, and, as of last week, Americans crossing over to Mexico were required to have a passport to reenter the country, a change expected to deepen the slump in border towns frequented by Americans.

I found this quite interesting:

Mexico traditionally ranks somewhere between Jordan and Argentina on the foreign policy establishment’s list of priorities. 

So Mexico shares a 2,000 mile border, is its 3rd

This was especially telling: Mexico has come a long ways since the 1995 “Tequila Crisis”. Its a shame that this has where it currently stands.

Mexico, for its part, has enacted prudent fiscal policies, shored up its foreign reserves and remained a faithful adherent to the free-trade gospel, continuing to open its economy to foreign goods and investment. The nation has also become a great deal more democratic in the last decade. Still, despite doing all the “right” things according to the Washington consensus, Mexico’s economy (and currency) has been harder hit by the Wall Street-triggered crisis than the United States’. No one said life was fair. 


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