Speaks Volumes

I was recently asked if I would give a presentation to the board of Front Porch, a California-based company that specializes in assisted living housing. They have a new condo project in Nuevo Vallarta called Luma, which is their first venture into Mexico and first “for profit” endeavor. At first the board was coming to Mexico, but then cancelled because of the swine flu breakout. So they asked if I would go to Burbank and make the presentation. My first question was; if even the board doesn’t want to come to Mexico, doesn’t that speak volumes about the state of the market? How can they expect buyers to buy if they as developers aren’t ready to even come to Mexico? 

But they had a good attitude about it. They were thinking long term, they realized that the flu was short term, and by the time I actually got up there to make the presentation the flu pandemic was basically a non-event. 

I went and visited the project in Nuevo Vallarta again, to see how they have been progressing. And I was impressed, they have done an excellent job. Its obvious that it is very well built, the floor plans are nice, as is the finishing. This really isn’t assisted living as I have thought of it. There is nothing that is noticeably different from any other development, until the representative who was touring us pointed them out. They have given a lot of thought on how to make living easier, and thinking ahead on how we age, what things may become more difficult. And its stuff that makes sense; little things like having a seat in the shower (something I think you can enjoy at any age!). There will be medical service on site; but its something you don’t think of until you need it. Its a good concept, something I think other developments will begin adopting into their programs in the future.


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