PV on CNN.com

I like the slant this writer has put on the situation:

PUERTO VALLARTA, Mexico (CNN) — A lot of Americans are wondering: Is it safe to travel to Mexico? It depends where you go, and what your intentions are once you get there.

Folks in this charming coastal resort recall what happened a few years ago when an unsavory element hit town. Destruction of private property. Drunken acts of lawlessness. One gang of hooligans, according to a taxi driver, actually went so far as to toss a mattress out the window of a 12-story hotel and onto the beach below.

The culprits weren’t narcotics traffickers. They were what Mexicans refer to as “Los Spring Breakers.”

He’s put a little humor into the situation to try and show that its perhaps been  built up to be much more serious (at least in PV) than it really is (and this is from CNN!). Its worth reading the whole article. I think he gets it right what many Mexican think about the current drug war taking place in their country.


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