Vallarta’s Expensive? Compared to what?

In Friday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal, in the Home Section there’s a piece called “Relative Values – Diamonds in the Rough” that  features homes/condos at top golfing communities. Featured is a 2,300 f2 oceanfront condominium with three bedrooms that is located in Maui on the Kapalua Bay beach, one of 39 units  in the gated community of Coconut Grove. Its listed for sale at US$6.3 million.

Last year there were only three condominiums that sold for over US$1.5 million in the Vallarta region, all three located at Hacienda de Mita in Punta Mita, also a golf community. They are also oceanfront but 50% larger than this unit in Maui. Monthly maintenance fees are US$2,000 in Maui, compared to US$900 at Hacienda de Mita, which includes master fees for Punta Mita and insurance coverage.

Its all relative, I guess.


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