Is Vallarta safe?

I’m really getting tired of these news breaks on CNN questioning whether Spring Breakers are safe or not while vacationing in Mexico. It seems its been on every hour today and yesterday. Yes, there is a concern about drug war violence in Mexico, but its primarily been contained to drug cartels fighting amongst themselves for turf or for possession of major traffic routes into the U.S., or the Mexican army/police fighting with the cartels. But if you are not involved with any of this, you don’t have a problem. And there are certain areas of the country where the violence has been worse, so just stay away from them. But Puerto Vallarta is certainly not one of these areas. There has been no actions against American visitors to Vallarta that had anything to do with this drug battle. 

And kidnapping. Yes, this is a concern. But again, it needs to be put in perspective. Kidnapping has been taking place primarily in Mexico City, and not against foreigners. Living in Vallarta this is a concern for me and for my family, but there hasn’t been a case that I know of  taking place in Vallarta.  There were 357 kidnappings that took place in Phoenix last year – that’s 357 more than took place in Vallarta. With that record I would think twice about having a place in the sun in Phoenix than in Puerto Vallarta.

For me, Vallarta is a safe place to be and this is being blown way out of proportion or having any sense of reasonableness. I’ve travelled to many major cities in the United States and there are areas within these cities that I am told that I just shouldn’t enter, even in the middle of the day. But does that stop me from going to that city? Or that state? Or to the United States? Because, if we do put this into perspective, what CNN, and Lou Dobbs and now by the US State Department are saying is that because there is violence in certain regions of Mexico, the whole country is unsafe!

Perhaps Mexico needs to issue travel warnings for the inner city of Detroit or Baltimore… or Phoenix!


One Response to Is Vallarta safe?

  1. DennisCHP says:

    Well said. When I was in my home state of California last year, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, there were 6 unrelated murders in two days. Wen we moved here it was about 3 years before I even heard about a murder in Puerto Vallarta.

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