Upgrade to Vallarta Real Estate Guide Online

We’ve combined Google Maps, Multi-List Vallarta, our aerial photo collection along with the advertisers in the print version of the Vallarta Real Estate Guide to provide viewers with a very interesting way to find out what new product real estate is available around Banderas Bay.

Visit vallartarealestateguide.com and check it out. We’ve marked where real estate developments are located around the bay, included a photo and short description, but best yet you can click on “Inventory” and see what they currently have for sale. We have also updated the area descriptions so that its now in line with what AMPI/MLS consider the major real estate neighborhood/areas for Costa Vallarta. We outline what the borders are for each area –  just click on any of the areas check boxes listed on the left navigation bar. 

And recently we were up taking new aerial photos, something we do each November, and have added many new images to this Map. So now people can very quickly get a good idea of what our market looks like, combining our up-to-date aerial images with the recently updated maps and satellite images of Google Maps. Google just recently updated the road system for Puerto Vallarta, making it more accurate and even including what the direction of traffic is for downtown Vallarta!

Hope you enjoy the update.


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