Lack of Activity…

Sorry for the lack of any postings recently, for those of you who check back regularly. I’ve been on vacation and just recently got back into town. Most recently I’ve been busy working on my annual Real Estate Trends article for the Summer/Fall issue of Vallarta Lifestyles, which has taken up quite a bit of time.

This has been an interesting article to write. For the past five years its been relatively easy and quite upbeat. The market continued to grow, appreciation was obvious and everyone, especially developers, were happy. Last year I touched on the fact that a downturn seemed to be on the horizon. This year, well, its obvious to all that it is certainly here. 

So how do you write about a down-turning real estate market in an publication that’s surrounded by real estate advertisements?

Carefully! 🙂

I think you have to tell it like it is. It is a slower market, it is a buyer’s market and to not say so would erase any form of credibility the publication, or this blog, may have. But I spend a lot of my time studying both this market and the USA market (it has such a large influence on our local market), and I continue to conclude that the fundamentals of this market are good. That this is just a natural normalization of the market, as markets do not always just go up. What goes up, must also come down. The unknown is for how long. I’ll post parts of the article shortly. Any comments would be much appreciated.


2 Responses to Lack of Activity…

  1. Hi John. I am the developer of a quite large project in Nuevo Vallarta. I just wanted to thank you for keeping this blog and encourage you to continue with the excellent job. Although I visit vallarta 6-8 times yearly I live in southern Europe and it is wonderful to have such a profesional and insightful market overview from. Should you need to have an European perspective on the Mexican market on your blog from time to time please don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. johnlifestyles says:

    Would appreciate it very much if you would feel free to comment or give your perspective, especially coming from Southern Europe, (especially Spain), which has seen a high level activity in recent years, with a significant drop-off lately. It would be interesting to hear what was done right, and what wasn’t. And then your take on how you see the local Vallarta market.
    Thanks for commenting. I can be reached directly at

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