Vallarta North Shore Luxury Hotels

It was recently announced by the Engels Group, which has the Las Cabezas property within Costa Banderas on the North Shore of Banderas Bay, that they will be building a Rosewood Hotel. And it looks like lot H-5 of Punta Mita, (between the village of Emiliano Zapata and Lot 1 of Ranchos), will be hosting a Ritz Carlton. That will put four top-name luxury hotels within a few miles of one another – something that can’t be found anywhere else in Mexico, much less in the world (at least for beach destinations). Four Seasons, St. Regis, and now the Ritz Carlton and the Rosewood. And Tim and Pam at El Banco also have a boutique hotel planned, which will certainly rival these four hotels. Its shaping up to be quite the coastline for quality, luxury, boutique hotels. Perhaps it should also be mentioned that just outside of the bay, around the peninsula of Punta Mita, is the boutique hotel Casa de Mita, which is the best selling and also the most popular hotel of the guests, of the Mexico Boutique Hotel collection.


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  1. Hi.

    I was in the conference, congratulation it was great. By the way, can I get the information about the conference? Tank you.

  2. johnlifestyles says:

    We will have the powerpoint presentations of the guest speakers available at by sometime tomorrow. We are working on getting video available, but that will take more time, probably sometime next week. Glad you enjoyed it.


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