Fractional going to make it this time?

We have all seen fractional real estate project start up and then end up converting the units they have into full-time as they just haven’t been able to sell that well. Remember Playa del Sol? They started off primarily as fractional and ended up going the timeshare route.

But lately there have been a number of projects coming on line offering fractional. Villa La Estancia has been doing for some time now, with reasonable success. The Four Seasons has fractional out at Punta Mita and from what I hear that is going well. Now there is La Tranquila starting up in Litibú. Burt Hixson is going to do six homes on the beach below his home in lower Conchas Chinas and they will be fractionalized. Tropicasa has a new project coming online and there is Taheima in Nuevo Vallarta as well. And I’m sure I’m missing others.Perhaps now is the time for fractional in Vallarta. It certainly has been successful elsewhere in other tourist resort destinations. At the next Real Estate Conference we plan to focus on fractional: how it works and how to sell it.


One Response to Fractional going to make it this time?

  1. Fractionals will be great simply because of the sheer volumm of properties being offered, also, all of the major “Brands” are into fractionals and will drive the market, please visit our website to see for yourself, cheers, Sherman D. Potvin

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