Getting to Know

Our site is packed with excellent information that really every realtor should visit regularly to ensure they are up-to-date and fully aware of what’s available on the real estate market in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding regions.

On the “Development” Tab you’ll find information on many of the real estate developments around the bay, more than you’ll find in any one place on the Internet. Its easy to use and browse, and quickly become familiar with where each project is, what it has to offer and what its price points are.

Under the Tab “Vallarta” you’ll find the primary regions listed with a photo and description of each. If you look to the right-hand side column, you’ll see that the developments that are listed in the region are listed. They are also live links, taking you to the information page of this development.

Under the Tab “MLS Search” you’ll find three unique ways that you can search the two MLS databases. One is our standard format that allows you to enter in search criteria and search for properties. Another is using a large map of the bay to go around and find out about regions, developments and properties for sale. There are also aerial, ground and 360º images to view to get to know what the area looks like. This is a great tool for showing people around the bay when making presentations.

And we also include many of the real estate articles that have been printed in the Real Estate Guide or Vallarta Lifestyles as well.

There’s more information on local real estate than you will find anywhere else.


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